Saturday, 28 May 2011

Well what a pain!

I have been one of those who for some reason could not sign in to blogger, It seems okay now. I have some pics to show you but will do it over two days.

So firstly some fabric from Lisa, Thank you Lisa it is so pretty!!

This is the fabric from Michelle in New Zealand

This fabric is from Ann, who was using this fabric to make her two granddaughters dresses

And here are some fabrics I used from my stash, some are from leftovers from the quilt exchanges I have taken part in.

The blues are from my stash that I got from a friend

My Daughter is 11 years old today.
Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Will do the draw for my blogoversary tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy - lovely fabric.

I can't seem to sign out of blogger! Its really playing up at the moment - there are big issues with Blogger at the moment as I checked on Google - hope it all gets sorted soon xx

Christine said...

Your quilt is looking good Rachael.
I've been having issues with blogger for days, just can't comment on any blogs with the comments below the post option

Sally said...

Gorgeous fabric Rachael.

Happy Belated Birthday to Lucy!

Blogger seems to have been a right pain with one thin and another these past few days/ weeks. It seems to be behaving- for now!

Karan said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Lucy. At this rate you're going to have enough hexies for a quilt before long. :0)