Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I am two days late posting the winner of my giveaway, I blame the Bank Holiday and the weather!!LOL
I will do the draw later and will post!!
Thank you for your patience!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hello Kitty, a finish and fabric!

Here is Lucy's birthday cake before it was devoured.

Taa Daa my Granny Square Blanket finished today.

Here is some lovely fabric from Jan

and some more fabric from Colly
Thank you Ladies!!

Here is the last fabric from Julie it had different motifs on the fabric so I fussy cut the centres of the Motifs

A quick Congratulations to Julie and her DD Amy who has had a little girl!!!
These are from the fabric Lisa sent me

Thank you Lisa
In fact a huge thank you to everyone who has generously gave me some fabric for my quilt
Sending you lots of virtual HUGS!!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Well what a pain!

I have been one of those who for some reason could not sign in to blogger, It seems okay now. I have some pics to show you but will do it over two days.

So firstly some fabric from Lisa, Thank you Lisa it is so pretty!!

This is the fabric from Michelle in New Zealand

This fabric is from Ann, who was using this fabric to make her two granddaughters dresses

And here are some fabrics I used from my stash, some are from leftovers from the quilt exchanges I have taken part in.

The blues are from my stash that I got from a friend

My Daughter is 11 years old today.
Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Will do the draw for my blogoversary tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some more fabie for the FHQ (Friendship Hexie quilt)

Here is some lovely fabric from Christine,
I was so eager when I received these, I quickly made them into hexies, so I forgot to take a before pic.
Love these Yellows and Blues.Thank you Christine

 This fabbie is from Maddison, isn't it perfect! Thank you Maddison

I went to Lorna's crop today and I laid all the ones I had done on the table.

I have done some more, as I was given some more fabric from the ladies at the crop.
Here is my Granny square blanket laid out as well, I have just one more square to do to make a decent size blanket.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Post three ~ yes three in one day ~ Giveaway!

But this one is because I am having a blogoversary giveaway! I think it has been four years now I have been blogging, I didn't have a giveaway last year!
So if you would like something from me, yes I am going to make something for one person.

So you know the drill, leave me a comment on THIS POST ONLY PLEASE! and I will put you in the draw which I will draw Sunday 29th May.
If you want to spread the word about this giveaway then please do so!!

Post two ~ Fabric and theatre

I bought these two fabbies from ebay

But I received some more great fabric from Christine,
Lovely yellows and blues

Thank you so much Christine!

And look at this fabric all the way from New Zealand from Michelle, It's just fab
Thank you so much Michelle

These two hexies circles are fabric from my stash

Thursday I travelled down to London with my sister and her friend to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much ado about nothing. It was absolutely fabulous, so funny with them two in it.

If you are down that way I do recommended going to see it.

Post one ~ Birthday

 Today is my birthday, I have had lots of lovely messages, Cards and pressies.

Here are the lovely flowers my three children bought me
 LOL My Eldest sister got me this sign LOL
This is off my friend Colly

This is off my other sister, LOL I had a card with the card saying from someone else

 This book is from Lucy, out of her pocket money, isn't she a darling!!

I bought myself this bag, it is for my bits and bobs I take to Slimming world!
Andy took me out shopping, at first we were just going to the garden centre, but we had to nip into town.

He bought me some sandals, wool, a shopping bag that fold out from a little pouch with my name on.

I love the charm bracelets that are all the rage, but refuse to pay those sort of prices, so I went to Craft Central and got the bits to make my own.

He also bought me some plants fot the garden and a four tier mini green house.

I have had a lovely day so far!
Thank you for all the lovely messages and cards I have received!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hexie madness

Here are the hexies from the fabric from Barbara
 Aren't they just fab!

And the ones from Julie,
 Julie in case you notice there is one fabric missing, I haven't decided which bits of the fabric I want in the hexagon, cause the boxes are quite a bit bigger, but they will be effective, when I do!

Here is a close up of the puddy cats

Thank you again ladies, I do have enough to do some extra ones!

I haven't put centres in yet, as I want them to be all the same and I haven't found what I want to use yet!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

More Fabric

Postie brought me two packages today
First one I opened today was from Barbara, Look at the fantastic fabric she has sent me for the Hexie quilt.

And the second one I opened was from Julie, Look at this fabulous fabric, LOL (Love the cats one)

Thank you so much to both ladies, as soon as I get make them into hexies I will post again!

Friday, 13 May 2011


Here is the fabric given to me by Wendy(No blog)
Thank you Wendy
I can't wait to see all these hexies all together lol

Here is the progress on my other Blanket, 24 squares here and I have another two I have done today which are not in the photo

my fav are the half n half ones as I worked out myself out to do them lol

Thank you for stopping by

My blogoversary is coming up next week so I will be having a giveaway

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I really need to stitch!

But I want a new start, maybe a small start won't matter that I have lots of others to do.
Would help if I was to put down the wool and hook, I am really pleased with my progress on my Granny Square blanket, I can't believe how quickly it grows.
I have 22 squares now, but wanted to show this photo first.

I have more fabric for my hexie quilt from Wendy(no blog)

Had to share this photo of Lily!!

Thank you for visiting xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

More friendship fabric

Sheila offered to send me some fabric, and here is the fabulous fabric, I just love the colour choice in this.
Thank you Sheila!!
 Here is a close up to show what size they are, each side is one inch
So it is going to take alot of hexies to make a decent size quilt.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Finish and a Start

Well I cannot take the credit for this as I really struggled to stitch on this,it really killed my stitchy bug. So a lovely friend of mine Tammy, took it on for me.
On she finished it on Friday isn't she a darling.

 It is now with my MIL who bought the damn thing!

 So you can see how much she actually did, here is a photo of how it looked when she took it with her.
And my new start, I did mention last thursday that I was doing a Friendship Hexie quilt, and I asked for some bits of fabric (about A5 size from my friends) well here are the first few, the stripy and brown fabric hexies are from Helen, and the green fabric with cherries are from Colly.

Thank you ladies xx

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Giveaways in blogland

There is a gorgeous giveaway from Deborah HERE for a beautiful box with A Stitcher's Journey by BBD stitching on top and she is even going to personlise it with your initial.
Head on over and take a peek.