Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I really need to stitch!

But I want a new start, maybe a small start won't matter that I have lots of others to do.
Would help if I was to put down the wool and hook, I am really pleased with my progress on my Granny Square blanket, I can't believe how quickly it grows.
I have 22 squares now, but wanted to show this photo first.

I have more fabric for my hexie quilt from Wendy(no blog)

Had to share this photo of Lily!!

Thank you for visiting xx


Hazel said...

Oooh lovely squares. I have a fab tutorial on how to join them together without having to sew and weave in a load of ends. It took me an hour or so to watch and learn but so so easy. Let me know if you want it. xx

Sally said...

Your squares look pretty Rachael :)

Julie said...

Hook and wool are so much easier than stitching, only 1 loop to frog out when you go wrong!!

Have a little new start, go on, you know you really MUST .... LOL

Rachael xxx said...

Yes please Hazel.
Julie since you insist I will! LOL

Christine said...

Your squares are lovely but Lily steals the show

Pumpkin said...

You're a machine! Looking good :o)

What a sweet picture. Awwww!