Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some more fabie for the FHQ (Friendship Hexie quilt)

Here is some lovely fabric from Christine,
I was so eager when I received these, I quickly made them into hexies, so I forgot to take a before pic.
Love these Yellows and Blues.Thank you Christine

 This fabbie is from Maddison, isn't it perfect! Thank you Maddison

I went to Lorna's crop today and I laid all the ones I had done on the table.

I have done some more, as I was given some more fabric from the ladies at the crop.
Here is my Granny square blanket laid out as well, I have just one more square to do to make a decent size blanket.


Christine said...

Your quilt is looking wonderful. I really like the cotton reel print that Maddison sent.
Great looking crochet blanket too

Julie said...

The crochet blanket is going to be superb, well done on learning something new.

The quilt is amazing, such a great selection of differing fabrics

lorna said...

i will have more fabric for you next time i see you, you will soon have enough , i cant wait to see your finished blanket too, its going to be gorgeous x

Karan said...

The blanket & quilt are going to look fabulous. I haven't forgotten about sending you some fabric Rachael - I just can't get at any of my stash at the moment, as the tiles & a cupboard are now being stored in my Craft Room. :0(