Thursday, 29 March 2012

Did you know?

that there are more than one way to put Hexagons together...I didn't but I do now!
(Can you see your fabric ?)

Do you see the four groups of seven on the left, well they slot in together fine, the the one on the right does not fit. I hadn't realised that if I just did them as I was doing they wouldn't fit. That means I have to think about where I attach them together and it looks like I have some undoing to do!
It'll have to wait, I have hurt my finger with the needle repeatedly stabbing me, and I can't find my thimble.

Also I am annoyed as I was recording on my blog the photos of the fabric I was sent, and who sent it. Well looks like my photos are disappearing!!!! So I cannot remember exactly who sent what!!!!

I have had an idea, here are some of the photos if you can see the fabric you sent me, would you comment on here or on the photo to let me know.

Thank you in advance

Monday, 26 March 2012

Crafty Weekend

Well it was a foggy start to the weekend, especially as I was travelling to Melton Mowbray for the Scout Hut Crafters weekend.
Saturday was a quiet day as many had previous engagements. Well I say quiet, it did get a little rowdy when some ladies were nearly wetting themselves with laughter!

See the man in the background, well they were being rude concerning his drill!

I got this JBW design done, woo hoo I stitched!!
It is a gift for someone, I shouldn't show it but they won't know until they receive it!

Sunday was a bit busier

I have started to put together my Hexagons, this is my first group of seven!

We did a friendship exchange and this is what I received from sue, A gorgeous beaded fob on scissors and some fabrics for my friendship quilt! 

This is what I stitched for Sandra, Amitie Broderie Couture.
And made into a Bits n Bobs tray, there were some more goodies but I forgot to take a pic!

Polly gave me another bit of fabric for it the Friendship quilt 

And Lyn gave me three to choose from and I had to chose the cats now didn't I! 
I have also had some from Maddison, I forgot to take a pic.
Here is what i got in the Raffle, some Body shop Vanilla Fragrance Oil

And look I made a beaded bracelet, the lovely bead ladies did a tutorial, I am quite proud of it!!

 Lorna cooked some lovely food, she does for the weekend ones!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Can you tell?

I think you can!! oh poobag, I had better frog it!!


It's pinker than the original


Sunday, 18 March 2012

IHSW 16th - 18th March

I had nearly forgot about this IHSW weekend that Joyce hosts.
But here is my progress for this weekend.

And here is one without the Cat sat on it!

I have now ran out of the thread 4210, I am going to buy some and see if it matches, if not I am just hoping I can find some I may have in my stash somewhere.
When I am so close to a finish! ARGH!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yiotas X stitch Review

I know there are quite a few reviews of these  Cross Stitch kits around at the moment, but I would like to add my input as well.
The kit came today, well packaged in a cardboard backed envelope.
I had two choices from the website of what I would like to stitch, One had already been reviewed but luckily the other hadn't.
So what did I chose...


I like these design as I do love Tigers but normally the design has a background and all I want is to stitch the Tiger, so this is perfect for me.
Yes instructions are good, on how to read the pattern for those new and old to cross stitch, and these are excellent they are informative without being condescending. And also how to stitch on evenweave, As it can be for those who haven't tried evenweave, it can be quite daunting to stitch on it for the first time

Like most of the reviews I have read I absolutely love that the threads are pre wound and labelled, all my DMC's are wound on Bobbins, so I love these. I have to admit I haven't used Madeira threads before, so I can't give an honest opinion on the threads.

I opted for the evenweave option, I would have to edge the fabric but the fabric feels and looks okay. Unless I use one from my stash to add colour.

I love that it is large and easier to see, but my only negative comment would be the symbols, they are very alike, mostly the triangles and hearts.
I think I would definitely have to mark the chart as I go along! so I know where I am.
I prefer charts that have gaps,(samplers etc) I think that is why I have never tried a HAED type design, it gives me a headache just looking at the chart.
I also think it is just my personal preference as well.
But I am going to stitch it. I may even change my mind about the chart, if I remember I will let you know.
And I promise an update review of it when I do!

Thank you Yiota for asking me and sending me your kit to stitch. It is very kind of you.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I know it's late but here it is ,

I have managed a little bit, not a lot!!

Here is the before photo

Creme egg ice cream

is so yummy!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Do you ever find that you just can't remember things from one day to the next, I am really struggling with my memory at the moment, I keep double booking myself and forgetting things.
I feel older than I am!!

Today is my youngest's 10th birthday
Happy birthday Jack!!