Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yiotas X stitch Review

I know there are quite a few reviews of these  Cross Stitch kits around at the moment, but I would like to add my input as well.
The kit came today, well packaged in a cardboard backed envelope.
I had two choices from the website of what I would like to stitch, One had already been reviewed but luckily the other hadn't.
So what did I chose...


I like these design as I do love Tigers but normally the design has a background and all I want is to stitch the Tiger, so this is perfect for me.
Yes instructions are good, on how to read the pattern for those new and old to cross stitch, and these are excellent they are informative without being condescending. And also how to stitch on evenweave, As it can be for those who haven't tried evenweave, it can be quite daunting to stitch on it for the first time

Like most of the reviews I have read I absolutely love that the threads are pre wound and labelled, all my DMC's are wound on Bobbins, so I love these. I have to admit I haven't used Madeira threads before, so I can't give an honest opinion on the threads.

I opted for the evenweave option, I would have to edge the fabric but the fabric feels and looks okay. Unless I use one from my stash to add colour.

I love that it is large and easier to see, but my only negative comment would be the symbols, they are very alike, mostly the triangles and hearts.
I think I would definitely have to mark the chart as I go along! so I know where I am.
I prefer charts that have gaps,(samplers etc) I think that is why I have never tried a HAED type design, it gives me a headache just looking at the chart.
I also think it is just my personal preference as well.
But I am going to stitch it. I may even change my mind about the chart, if I remember I will let you know.
And I promise an update review of it when I do!

Thank you Yiota for asking me and sending me your kit to stitch. It is very kind of you.


Julie said...

I have to mark the chart Rachael and yes you are right, it is like doing a HAED design. Nice kits though, and a good and honest review. The threads stitch up nicely.

Pumpkin said...

I got an email from Yiota too but unfortunately I didn't have the time to do this. I love the pattern you picked and I hope you enjoy stitching your tiger :o)

Christine said...

Nice design!

Sherry said...

I should have just read the post and have been happy for you for your new project...but no I had to click on the link to see other projects they offer......Sigh! I just ordered and started my first HAED so it's going to have to go on my wish list. I feel in love with Sweet Westie.