Monday, 8 January 2018

Just found this in drafts from 2016. So much has changed since then.

2016, where did the rest of the time go?

Hello! Boy it has been a while. I have changed jobs, I am now a Taxi
and most days I work 12 hours and 5/6 days a week so I don't get much time to do alot.

I did manage to complete a Rainbow Blanket, which was part of a yarn club I joined hosted by the lovely Samantha at Unbelievawool, I first bought some of her yarn at Wonderwool Wales last year, I followed her Facebook group and well I have to say I love her colourways in her yarn.

Yes I actually finished a Blanket, I have started a few more of course! But with this one I could take to work as it was small squares, and I finished the blanket at the craft group I go to once a month.


Daffycat said...

Welcome back, Rachael! Glad to see you posting again!

Pauline said...

Hey Rachael - I missed your earlier 2018 post... The good thing about blogs is when you come back to it, someone's usually around!

I just looked at your blog roll and see its been 4 months since I've posted- yikes! I had such big plans for blogging last year :(

Just a heads up- I've found that Blogger has changed the 'about me' box, so when I wanted to change my photo I had to sign in with Google. And now my blog doesn't show up under my original pic and my new photo links to google-plus.

Anyway, good to see you around! And strangely, I have draft posts that are like stepping back in time. Maybe you could start a new linky-party. Post an old draft post LOL.