Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Finish and a Start

Well I cannot take the credit for this as I really struggled to stitch on this,it really killed my stitchy bug. So a lovely friend of mine Tammy, took it on for me.
On she finished it on Friday isn't she a darling.

 It is now with my MIL who bought the damn thing!

 So you can see how much she actually did, here is a photo of how it looked when she took it with her.
And my new start, I did mention last thursday that I was doing a Friendship Hexie quilt, and I asked for some bits of fabric (about A5 size from my friends) well here are the first few, the stripy and brown fabric hexies are from Helen, and the green fabric with cherries are from Colly.

Thank you ladies xx


Pumpkin said...

I bet you're glad that one's done ;o) Your friend did a lovely job.

Julie said...

Lovely to see the map finished, i bet MIL was thrilled with it.