Wednesday, 11 January 2012

*UPDATE* I have ....

been naughty, I went and had a look at the Sew and So sale!!
Only a couple of items fell in the basket, but had to get this I saw on two blogs recently.
I have no idea what a hornbook is used for, but if you know please let me know. I know I could google but I like hearing other people's knowledge.
I just thought it was so cute I had to get one!

Okay I just had to stitch the initial!! lol

Initial R

Did I share that Hubby bought me a Ott-lite tulip lamp from Costco just after Christmas, Well it is brilliant and so bright I can see to stitch in the evenings again and Only £14.99!!!


Hazel said...

A hornbook is what the children used to use in schools to write on. xx

Parsley said...

We all have our weaknesses. lol Enjoy!

Christine said...

This is why I didn't go and look ;D
The hornbook is so cute!

Julie said...

That hornbook will be in your stitching basket finished by next wek lol.

Pumpkin said...

Good for you!

VERY neat! I didn't realize that the light actually came out of the base.

Joysze said...

Oh, aren't those darling? and your R is looking so great. Yay for hubby. OTTs are great, aren't they?