Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Christmas already!!

I have been pondering what to do to raise funds for the Cats Protection this year, 2011 was the Cats Quilt with the help of some lovely people.

Well this year I am hoping to stitch and make lots of Christmas ornie's to sell at the Christmas fete they have every year. This year it is on Sunday 25th November.
 So far I have stitched two, I am going to try to manage enough a month to see if I can do enough for a stall. If anyone wants to donate a ornie you are more than welcome!! lol

They won't all be cat related, but I have wanted to stitch these for ages.

If I manage it I think I will do a tombola rather than sell them, at 50p a ticket.
Wish me luck!!


Lesley said...

They are both lovely. I love the cat under the Christmas tree:):)
We have never had a cat of our own,our younger son and elder grandson are very very sensitive to their fur:( and saliva but I have looked after,in the past, two of our neighbours' cats for long periods of time in their own homes,one a lovely tabby called Jessie whose owner had a serious car accident,when Jess was a kitten. Sadly,both cats are no longer with us,I miss them a lot.
Good luck with your goal of having a stall.

Christine said...

Both ornaments are lovely, good luck with your fundraising

Pumpkin said...

CUTE! I'm sure these will be popular sellers though ;o)

Julie said...

Great idea, they are sure to be a hit.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Go on then, twist my arm and I'll donate one too! I think a tombola is a good idea, people like a gamble and will be more likely to spend a pound or two (or even more!).
Make a note to chase me sometime nearer the date and I'll so the same. I have a stitching diary this year just for this sort of thing!

Rachael G said...

Thank you Jo! As this will be an ongoing project I am sure I will remind you LOL