Monday, 26 December 2011

WIPocalypse 2012

This is my list of projects I would like to see finished in 2012, Maybe I am thinking too big with my list, but the more I put the better chance I have of getting something done!!

A Quaker Christmas By Bygone stitches
Cats lesson for people
Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler
2x Tribal butterfly By sparklies
Winter Mandala
The Garden Chair By the cats whiskers
I'm not Fat, I'm fluffy By
Needle in a garden by Just nan
Chinese design
Treasure Hunt
Growth rings
x2 Bramble and the rose by Ink circles
Cirque des Triangles by Ink Circles
Garden Stars by Ink circles
Roses in the garden by Loopylou

I do have some polls in the side bar for people to vote which ones they would like me to stitch on first, and the most votes will be the one that I stitch on until it is finished!and so on and so on!
Only 4 days left to vote.

The first update for this WIPocalypse 2012 is the 9th January!


Kate said...

Good luck with your 2012 projects. The patterns I recognize are lovely so I'm looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the year.

Julie said...

I'd like to see you complete Beatrix, it is so beautiful and I love your blue version. X

Pumpkin said...

Looks like a good list!