Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tea and Sympathy please

I have found the perfect hot water bottle & cover for me today.
At Blackpool market found these going cheap, I had admired these at garden centres but they were a bit pricey, but got them at a great price !!
I just have to keep a look out for one with Reece's name on, I did get a blank just in case.


I got back to find Hubby had brought me another (belated) Anniversary gift,
I have been after one of these for ages, a three tiered cake stand for my fruit.
Isn't he the greatest.

As I said I have been to Blackpool today the main reason being that my niece's coach was cancelled so she gave me the money for petrol and I took her and her fella, I also took my DD and my Mum and made a day of it. I am shattered now, all that walking. Had fun though.!! 


Julie said...

Well done hubby on the fruit stand, perfect!

Love the cute little stockings, i want some LOL

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Great hot water bottle :) The stocking s are so cute and what a great hubby you have .