Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Is that my Mojo I see???

Thanks to Carol R's designs I may have found a little mojo, this is one of her freebie called Sew Red, I am doing in some threads I got from the quilt show.

So today I got out Tribal Butterfly determined to finish the outline
and that I did, I am quite proud of myself.

Why have I suddenly started stitching again, maybe because the children went back to school today and I went to a friends house today and we chatted whilst I stitched and she knitted.

Maybe I will manage more progress reports!!

Thank you for stopping by

Hugs Rachael xx


Hazel said...

Great to see your mojo back Rachael. I blame the crochet lol. Your morning sounds lovely.

Kaisievic said...

It's funny how your Mojo comes and goes, isn't it? Mine is here with a vengeance at the moment. I hope that yours sticks around for a while now.
Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Bec said...

Good to see you've gotten some mojo back. I seem to be loosing mine.
I love that butterfly! :)
Can't wait to see more.

Sally said...

Fantastic to see your mojo returning:) Love your new start and the butterly is gorgeous.

Pumpkin said...

Looking great Rachael! Glad that your mojo has come back :o)

Christine said...

Welcome back mojo!
Great progress on your WIPs