Thursday, 28 April 2011

Me again :0)

I have been wanting to make a Hexie quilt, I have some scraps that will comfortably make six small hexies and I need some more, will have to ask my friends if they have any they can spare, it can be my first friendship quilt as well. I love Vicki's Blog and my inspiration has come from there. As soon as I have some done I will let you know.
I have been crocheting as well, going to try and do a blanket , finished the bag just need some handles or a wicker basket for it.


Hazel said...

Why don't you do crochet hexies as well? I haven't done any yet but on Bunny Mummy's blog, she is very soon going to give a tutorial on how to do these pretty little star hexies which I am planning to do. x

Pauline said...

I love hexies, I made my first hexie quilt last year and have just started on my second. After I fiddled a little, I found them so easy to make!

Sheilasembroidery said...

I'm sure we could find you some fabbie for a friendship quilt. Just let me know

Julie said...

Good luck with the hexie quilt.

Looking forward to seeing how your bag turned out