Thursday, 21 April 2011

I been naughty and bought a chart Britty Kitties. LOL I know I should look through my stash first.

I have been thinking about selling my magazine collection on Ebay will let you all know if I do.

This is what has been keeping me busy lately ~

I have been crocheting a bag that is featured on This BLOG
But I wanted a different colour than the one shown so I went for a varigrated wool.
BUT...I have had to undo it to the green circle as I seemed to be adding extra stitches when I didn't want them, so working on that at the moment


Pumpkin said...

We all deserve new stash once in awhile ;o)

Holy cow, you're a fast learner!

Christine said...

The bag looks interesting, looking forward to seeing it finished

Julie said...

WTG Rachael, the bag looks great

Sheilasembroidery said...

This looks like King Cole Riot and is coming on really well