Monday, 1 November 2010

New addition to the household.

Meet Lily our new kitten,
I couldn't resist her! 
She was found at the JCB plant and one of the employees brought her in to the Cat's Protection when she was approx 6 weeks old she was so tiny.
She is approx 12 weeks now and a little madam, we went to fetch her on Thursday. So far Tango has been okay with her, but Bella was hissing and growling at her at first, although she is getting used to her, she's not hissing or growling at all now, still wary of her though.
When she is playing with Tango she bounces round like Tigger.
But you want to see my stitching don't you, here is Winter Mandala so far.

 And here is Beatrix potter quaker sampler, I did the brown bit at the top.

I did also do an Ornie from the JCS Christmas Ornament mag, but it is for an exchage so can't show you just yet. There are a few I like out of the magazine, so hopefully I will have some to show you.

Ooo nearly forgot, postie delivered Woodland Enchantress today I asked Amanda if she still had it in stock, a while back but with my Mum being in hospital forgot to send payment.But she is here!
As for starting her LOL well could I cope with another WIP???


Karan said...

Another cute furbaby... can't blame you for bringing her home. Glad they're settling down together. Good progress on your WIP's. Ooo I love WE... when are you starting her? LOL :0)

Pumpkin said...

Another kitty! SO sweet :o) Congrats!

Your WIPs are coming along nicely.

Hazel said...

Very cute kitten. She reminds me of our old tabby - Poppy - who sadly passed away last year. Love the wips. x

Deborah said...

Love the WIP'S. The new baby os so cute!!

Patty C. said...

I'm sorry I just can't look at your stitching right now- I am too busy staring at that beautiful kitten !!!! I will just have to come back later for more eye candy ;)

Julie said...

Awww Lily is so cute, the only drawbakc of working at a rescue centre, you want to bring them all home

Great to see Beatrix again

Sally said...

She is so cute!

Love Winter Mandala and BP is coming along nicely.

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress on both your WIPs.

Lori-Ann said...

Nice addition to your family ! We are thinking of getting a kitten sometime, but not rushing things, as we may be moving from apartment to house in the Spring to come.

Beautiful stitches. Keep going! :o)

Daffycat said...

Are you turning into one of those crazy cat ladies??? LOL Lily is so cute! Congratulations!

lorna said...

aah cute looks just like my lola and she is a madam lol