Monday, 18 October 2010


Here are the photo's I promised, This one is a new start called 'I am not fat, I'm Fluffy' which is a Margaret Sherry cat design
 And here is my Winter Mandala I finished the black outline at the first meet up, and started doing more colour at the recent meet up
I haven't any photo's of the meet up but if you see Julie's Blog she had taken some


Pumpkin said...

Yay photos!!!! Love your Winter Mandala :o)

I saw the pictures on Julie's post. What fun!

Julie said...

The Margaret Sherry cat is going to be such a fun stitch, looking forward to watching that grow

Hazel said...

Nice progress! It was great to meet you at the meet up and reminded me instantly of our ornie exchange so I will be having a good look at what I'll be stitching for you. xx

Sally said...

Nice new start, Rachael, and I love how your Winter Mandala is looking.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Margaret Sherry's cats are just adorable! Can't wait to see it!

I love the IC Mandalas!!!

Karan said...

Those MS cats are so cute. The Mandala is looking good. It was nice to see Julie & Hazel's pics of the meet up. :0)