Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September already!

Umm kids go back to school next week, hooray! It hasn't been bad just I like having a little me time, maybe I will find my mojo, I mean it wasn't that long ago I stitched everynight, but I think a few comments I saw that other people had put on forums about people who have nothing better to do than stitch all day, it sort of affected me a little. I know I shouldn't worry about what others say, but it did. But instead I just sit and play on the PC all day which to be honest I would rather stitch. Sod the mardy gits.
I miss my stitching! :0(
Today would've been my Dad's birthday, even though he died 20 years ago, I still miss him terribly, and I hate that my kids never got to meet him.

But tomorrow is Dh's birthday he'll be 41,HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY not doing anything as he is at work as usual. I did mention that maybe in future years we make sure he has that day off( and my B'day) and we do something even if it's a picnic somewhere nice. We'll see!!!

Oops sorry I  did do some stitching over the last month a stitch here and there.
I put both pics up so you can see progress

I forgot to add( Thanks Heather) that the car boot went really well, raised about £90 for the Cats Protection, I think I will be doing another soon.


Heather said...

You shouldn't worry at all what other people think Rachael.

Happy Birthday for your DH for tomorrow.

How did the car boot go on Sunday?

Vicki said...

Best way to spend your time is doing things that make you happy :)

Pumpkin said...

Listen to Heather :o) Hey, I'm one of those people but the computer is a magnet sometimes. Sigh!

LOVE your mandala! I really want to stitch all four of these :o)

Sally said...

Definitely don't worry about what other people think.

Your mandala is looking absolutely gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing the autumn one in the latest JCS. I'd like to stitch all four in the future!

Happy Birthday to your DH.

Julie said...

Mandala is looking lovely

Hope the return to school for the kids went well yesterday

Hope Andy had a lovely birthday

Hazel said...

Those people are just jealous - simple as that. Have they nothing better to do all day than to read about other people stitching and make nasty comments??? Yeah don't even give them a second thought. Life is hard enough. Great progress. It has just triggered my memory that I need to get some more of mine done. x