Monday, 27 September 2010

I have stitched!!!!

LOL I have had a little stitchy session at Hardanger/Stitchy group yesterday, I am so pleased with myself. I have missed the group as it seems to have been such a long time since the last one.
I managed to do more of the outline of the island.

Here is a snippet of some Hardanger, it's not mine as I am just doing the edging for a friend.

Looky what I have purchased from a friend, she makes gorgeous bags, and I just love the colours in this so just had to have it.( I do have a bag addiction lol)

And here is what I got Andy for our anniversary, he's ate most of it now

I am back at work from Friday,will seem strange to be working again.

Anyway thanks for visiting I really appreciate you stopping by. 


Patty C. said...

The bag is fabulous !!!!!

Sally said...

Both your pieces are looking lovely Rachael.

I LOVE that bag!!!

Julie said...

Lovly to see you have had some needle and thread time.

Gorgeouse bag, i think most ladies have a bag addiction.

Yummy- choccie, bet that was nice and tasty

Will you be coming to the Nuneaton meet-up next month??

Pumpkin said...

Gee, I guess you didn't need me after all ;o) LOL!

Ohhhh, another Hardanger project!

DH and I just had our 15th wedding anniversary :o) Congrats to you and Andy!

Work? :oP

Karan said...

Enjoyed my catch up & finding out what you've been up to. Glad you enjoyed camping & will go again. Lovely exchanges & good progress on your WIP's. I love that bag. :0)