Friday, 29 January 2010

One month gone already!

Gosh is it really the end of January already!!!
Hopefully I will have some pics to show you after the weekend, as I have two exchanges that hopefully will be with their new owners.
I have been working on this and that, not been able to stick to one set project at the moment, I really need to get the beads sewn onto Galatea, and make a start on Sark for my MIL...where's my motivation...oh yeah it is waiting with my other wips...LOL

I was watching this fella, not sure what he is?.
Yes I know I need to fill up the other feeders, I haven't done it recently with us getting the cats, for obvious reasons

I recently got out my Dolls house collection from the attic,( With small children I had no time to make it up) it was one of those you collect fortnightly. Well I have about ten issues missing when we moved as the newsagent I transferred to said they could get them but didn't. Anyway I got it down to start making it up for Lucy, well blast me some of the pieces to build the house are broken or just don't fit!!!  They were in the packaging so were already damaged when they were sent to me. I am so annoyed as it works out at £400 as the issues were £3.95 each and I have over 100 of them. So I have only a down stairs made up and it doesn't stick together properly. Oh well!! I will make up the furniture and maybe save up for a proper big dolls house for her, and use the furniture.

I hope you all have had a safe and peaceful January 2010
Rachael xx


Pumpkin said...

This must be a bad month for a lot of people. If I don't focus, I'm all over the place!

Lovely bird photos. Karen had some on her blog as well. Not many birdies around here at the moment :o(

Well that sucks! Hopefully you can find a fix to your problem.

stitchinfiend said...

Isn't it frustrating when that happens. Love the picture of your bird on the feeder.

Julie said...

Shame about the dolls house, wonder if there might be one on frecycle someone is getting rid of that you could offer a new home to?

Nice birdie!

Karan said...

He's a real cutie. Just looked in my bird book: it's a Long-tailed Tit. :0)
What a bummer. Hope you find a way around it.