Monday, 11 January 2010

Half a Bird!!

Have you enjoyed the snow or detested it?

Well it is on it's way out here, we were supposed to get more Sat/Sun but as usual the forecasters got it wrong again.

I finished this the other day, but I'm not gonna make it up yet, need some cardstock first, so thought I'd show you the progress

The Peacock Chair
Working on an exchange piece at the moment, I think I will try and keep up with the exchanges I will be doing this year by putting a box in the sidebar so I can see what I have left to do.

Do not read the following text!

Well I got a fright today, Bella had brought in half a Pidgeon, Yes that's right Half, the bottom half as I recognise the type of feet. I had fun getting it off her as she went outside with it trailing between her legs and she was hissing and growling at me. But I  managed to get it and it was finally disposed of!!!

Look at them here, Butter wouldn't melt!!!

Oh nearly forgot I have taken over the running of the Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler blog, So if you have this to stitch and would like to join us just email me. The same goes for the Ink Circle Stitchers blog if you have an Ink Circles Design to do email me and I'll send you an invitation. Or even if you would like to offer encouragement. That would be much appreciated


Julie said...

YAY!!!! well done on the Peacock Chair, the easy parts done now LOL

What i want to know is where will you find the other half of pigeon?? they are such characterswe once had a live vole dropped on the mat in the lounge, it made a quick escape behind the sofa, took forever to catch the little blighter

Karan said...

Peacock chair has stitched up quick & looks gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it all made up. :0)
Hate to think what's happened to the other half! Eeeeuuuhhh! Miss my cat but not the dead critters. LOL

Pumpkin said...

My goodness woman, look who has the smokin' needles! LOL!

Ew! I wonder where the other half went to? Best not to know maybe...

Sheilasembroidery said...

Oh they are such sweet furr babies. Well done on the Peacock chair, looking forward to seeing it completed.

Sally said...

The Peacock Chair is lovely Rachael. Can't wait to see it make up:)

Vicki said...

I don't think I could keep a cat for that reason. Best friend has one and she says the worst of it is when they bring live mice inside and let them go!!

WelshHelen said...

Love your two stretched out together :-) Luckily my two don't seem to catch many critters now(I've probably jinxed myself!) but it is fun trying to get a bird to fly out of the house instead of just round and round, isn't it? Yeah, right... :-)