Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A new start for 2010

Here is my new start for 2010.
 The lovely Julie gave me the Peacock chair chart  last year and I had been looking for the right thread and fabric for it and I think I am happy with my choice. Caron wildflowers in Havana and 32ct Jobelan in Bay leaf.

(Do you see my lovely needle minder pressie from Karen, isn't it lovely)
I have also been Rak'ed by Barb with the Garden chair :0)
so as soon as I finish this I will be starting on that as well

Here is an update on CDT I have managed a couple more Triangles, this is a really easy design to stitch!

Are you enjoying the snowwhere you are (if you have some) My kids have gone to school their school isn't closed, much to the disbelief of the boys. lol

This was the garden early this morning.

The cats are tearing around the house as they won't venture out in the snow, I can hear them upstairs running about chasing each other.


Sheilasembroidery said...

I do love Caron Wildflowers and that colour is sumptious. The needle keep is a beauty as well. Well done on your new start.

Vicki said...

Been amazed at how many schools have closed!

My dogs love the snow - it's me that's reluctant to take them out in it for long! Am sure it's only a matter of time before I fall over!

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhh, I'm going to enjoy watching you stitch this up and put it together. I have the Garden Chair but I'm scared to death to do it. LOL!

Did you notice that your CDT resembles the picture of your window?

Daffycat said...

A lovely new start, Racheal! I got the chair for Christmas but I have too much going to start it right now. Plus, I'm totally intimidated by finishing it, lol!

Elisa said...

Gorgeous colours....and a beautiful needle minder too xx

Sally said...

Nice start on the peacock chair Rachael. Love the colours you've chosen. Love the needle minder. I have one that I bought a while ago. Mine is an angel.

C Des T is coming along really well :)

We haven't had too much snow here but it's forecast a bad weekend for us. Will just have to see what happens.

Jacky said...

Lovely design, Rachael, and beautiful choice of thread. It's looking lovely. Looking forward to seeing it progress

Julie said...

ooooo what a fab new start, love the colour too (don't tell everyone i am lovely, its a fib!)

CdeT looks great, and yes we have snow, snow and more of it, its flippin cold here.

Karan said...

Great Secret Santa gifts. Beautiful new start - will enjoy watching this develop & the needleminder is perfect. LOL CdeT is looking lovely too. :0)
Lots of the white stuff here too but it's been sleeting today so the rain is slowly washing it away. Yay! Going stir crazy at not being able to go out much because of it.

Karan said...

Oops! Forgot to say: Happy New Year - hope it's a very good one for you all. :0)