Monday, 30 April 2012


Yes, as you can tell from the previous post, I do love the Ink Circles designs. Yes I went through a phase of doing these type designs, but I really need to get them done, would I do them now, hell yes, I still have some waiting to be done.
I am going to be working on Cat Lessons and the Chinese design Hubby brought me back from China. That's the third photo down.
I also want to start the Tiger from Yiotas as well, but I have a couple of exchanges to do first!

Yes Jo I do get bored hence the UFO status LOL
Shebafudge I used to work that way, then I found the internet then it got seriously dangerous for me and my bank card!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!

Hugs Rachael xx


Julie said...

Going to be fun watching your progress, and intesting seeing the Chinese design grow.

Hazel said...

Oooh you could have an Ink Circles wall! x