Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WIPocalypse Feb

It's that time again for the WIPocalypse and here is my progress since the last Full Moon

Here is the little bit of progress, I have managed on NBPQ. I am getting bored with this one so for next time I will be working on a different WIP. Here is my January POST

I have stitched the two cottages, Just waiting for the March cottage to arrive.
I have changed Feb slightly, I have stitched blue birds like I have seen elsewhere on other's blogs. And I haven't stitched all the hearts I felt it was too much for me. I know that I will change the March one as I don't celebrate St Patrick's day. I might keep the colours but change the shamrocks. I will do the same for July and November as well.

I received a surprise package today from Karen, who has been de-stashing and she has sent me a selection of bits and bobs to help with fundraising for Cats Protection.

Thank you so much Karen, It is really appreciated!!((hugs))

I have been busy today, it was my eldest son's Progress day( Parent/Teacher meet), I am really pleased with his marks even though we have found out he hasn't been doing all his homework and he has been hiding the fact he has had detentions!! So he will be banned from his game for a while. *sigh*
Also been busy on the Cat front with a stray SEE HERE

thank you for stopping by xx


Pumpkin said...

Don't put it away :o(

Wow! You really got those needles smokin' to have both cottages finished! They look great :o)

Ziggyeor said...

Wow good progress, nice stash for a good cause. Too bad about the boy but maybe he'll know better now.

Sally said...

Lovely progress on both BP and the cottages :)

Anne said...

Gorgeous progress!! Love the colours in the Quaker design (is it Mary?). Love the little cottages too!! Great surprise package too! Look at all those lovely charts and gifts!!

Julie said...

BP looks fabulous.
You'll raise lots with the goodies Karen sent.