Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Yes I have been thinking ahead, and I would like to get some finishes of my wips/ufos. So I am thinking of having a monthly stitch on a certain project to try and get it done and nothing else, unless it's an exchange/gift.

These are my stitchy projects that I have

Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler
2x Tribal butterfly By sparklies
Roses in the garden by Loopylou
Winter Mandala
The Garden Chair By the cats whiskers
I'm not Fat, I'm fluffy
Needle in a garden by Just nan
Chinese design
A Quaker Christmas By Bygone stitches
Treasure Hunt
Growth rings
x2 Bramble and the rose by Ink circles
Cirque des Triangles by Ink Circles
Cats lesson for people
Garden Stars by Ink circles

I was thinking of doing a vote maybe to see which one you would all like to see finished first, you can all help me if you don't mind! So the first choice to be stitched on in January.
There are four polls and the right hand side bar! as I couldn't fit them all on one you can vote once in each, if there is more than one with the most votes, I will have the final deciding vote!
Thank you!!

what do you have that needs finishing?


Hazel said...

I would do the one that needs the least amount doing on it do you can finish it quickly and have a happy dance. X

Anne said...

Whichever one suits your fancy...and I agree with Hazel, although I did vote for the winter mandala (just because I looooove seeing Chat designs come to life..hehe!)

Julie said...

Irish Garden needs to come out here, and then I have the HAED UFO, the only other project is Shores and that has been put off due to Christmas stuff.

Pumpkin said...

I cast my votes :o)