Friday, 15 July 2011


I have been a member  ( I have two accounts) of Postcrossing over 2 years, I love receiving Postcards from all over the world, and sending them. But I thought what a brilliant idea to receive some from my friends so I set up a Postcard exchange on A Crafty Natter and I have received some wonderful postcards the exchange still isn't over yet as I have some coming from overseas.
The Royal mail did destroy one of them, but it is the first one that it has happened to in two years.
It is a wonderful cheap way of sending exchanges.

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by brokenfairy

Woo hoo just this minute received one from New Zealand, will upload the picture to the album soon.


Pumpkin said...

I can send you one if you want Rachael :o)

Anonymous said...

now that I know, I'll try to send off a unique island card to you. I think I still have your address. I'll need to look. :)

Julie said...

Made me giggle reading about your postcards, i just got this vision of all the naughty ones at the shops in Skeggy and the fun times thinking about which one i dare send to family/friends when on hols LOL

Dani - tkdchick said...

Postcards really seem to have become a thing of the past now that we can instantly send bragging pictures over the internet, facebook or even via text message!

Rachael xxx said...

That's why I love postcards, someone has taken a bit more effort to write your address and a little blurb and it is extra special!