Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I never know how to start when I am excited, so I will start where I think will make more sense.
I received a handmade scissor fob from Karen in 2009, and it was used on my scissors. Only recently the fob came apart from being well...manhandled a lot when they were on my scissors. And Karen said to send it back and she'll repair it, So I did but unfortunately Royal Mail decided to keep it in there black hole!!
So it never arrived but Karen generously sent me a new fob using some new glass beads she has made and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
See for yourself

Wow!! I have to say I loved my last one,but this is just so pretty!!
Thank you again Karen xxxxx


Parsley said...

It's lovely! I like it looks like Robin Egg Blue. Too bad the PO decided to misplace the package but this is one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

wow! that is gorgeous Rachael
Karen is very talented to make those lovely beads

Christine said...

Oh that is lovely!

CathE said...

That's beautiful Rachael.

Pumpkin said...

Oh wowzers! Karen outdid herself :o)

Karan said...

Karen's beaded lovelies are always gorgeous. Enjoy! :0)

Julie said...

Saw this in person yesterday and its amazing! Karen does make such wonderful glass beads