Monday, 3 January 2011


I am trying so hard not to buy anything new, there are lots I want to buy at the moment, so I am going to try and abstain from buying for a month. So that's Charts, Kits Fabrics. I do hope I can manage it.

I have stitched on the Winter mandala, not enough to show though, I may have another go at crochet, I have the wool and hooks, just not the concentration at the moment. So it's not as if I have any excuses at the moment.
I must admit normally about this time of year I get enticed into sal's and suchlike but I am being good as I know I haven't stitched as much as I used to do!
Are you being good or naughty this year?

Oh I am sooo Bad, I still haven't sent on two PIF's to Tanya and Polly, I must do that soon. So sorry ladies!!


Pumpkin said...

For one month? Okay, that's not a challenge ;o) ROFL!

Patty C. said...

This is going to be a tough month - lol - good luck :)

Bec said...

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for following my blog!

Trying not to buy stash would not be easy or fun! lol, but good luck! :)

Happy Stitching and best wishes for the new year.

CathE said...

Good luck with the will power Rachael. I've given in already!

Julie said...

When i opened this post i thought it was going to be abstaining for chocolate LOL

I'm being a good girl, although i was just looking at fabric for the Shores SAL, i need to get a bieg enough piece for that!!