Thursday, 29 July 2010

A bit of stitching for the month of July

Winter Mandala

Do you like my Blackstone Fantasy garden!!
I am using ~
DMC 4030 and Anchor 1345
DMC 4220 and  DMC 4010
Lovely stitching Ladies


Sally said...

Very nice Rachael. I love those mandalas and want to stitch all of them at some point!

Brigitte said...

Nice progress pictures.

Karan said...

Goos progress on both pieces Rachael. Love the BFG colours - so going to enjoy watching this develop. :0)

Pumpkin said...

Loving both of your WIPs :o) I really want to start the Mandalas but I'm being good. LOL!

Julie said...

The mandala is lovely Rachael

Vicki said...

Hope you're doing okay! Don't even see you on twitter these days though looks like you've been stitching still instead! I can barely remember what sewing is!! x