Thursday, 8 April 2010


I have ran out of thread Anchor Cotton Rainbow no-1335 if anyone has 2 skeins or even one, would they be happy to exchange for another thread colour (if I have it) I have asked my usual online shop and they are out of stock and have been waiting 6 month for more of it!!
Thank you I have some it's way, Thank you to both Ladies I really do appreciate it ((Hugs))

So you have probably guessed that I am currently stitching and I am nearly done except I have ran out of that thread.

So today I was stitching on Winter Mandala today whilst I was at Bingo (During the Intervals) with my Mum, so I might have a progress picture for you later as I wanna work on it some more.

Are you enjoying the weather today in the UK? ...lovely isn't it!

I do hope to have some more pics soon when I have heard the person has received them.
I hope all you Mums are surviving the Easter Holidays!! It has been ok for me (so far)


Pumpkin said...

I have two skeins I can send to you Rachael :o) Lmk and I can mail them on Monday.

Karan said...

Sorry Rachael, have very few Anchor threads & don't have that among them. Hope someone can help.
Look forward to seeing WM. Glad you're enjoying the easter Holidays. :0)

Daffycat said...

Rachael...I have maybe 10 skeins total of Anchor threads but I took a peek and wouldn't you know I HAVE 2 OF YOUR NEEDED COLOR!!! I'll pop these in the mail to you as soon as I can. ***hugs***

CathE said...

Sorry I can't help Rachael. I use DMC and don't have any Anchor threads. I hope somebody can help you out soon.

Julie said...

Not one i have in my collection, sorry Rachael

It's nice to see some spring sunshine, hope you are all well