Friday, 19 March 2010

Pom poms and Kevin

I finished my scarf, My first ever completed knitted item ( apart from some mittens I knitted with help when I was 18) I undid it and re-started it though, as it was too wide. But it is just right now.
And typically it is now getting warmer, we have had sunshine here!!

Gosh isn't 2010 going quickly, well it seems to be for me,
My Mum is now in her Bungalow, it took a month for my sister and her partner and myself to paint, paper and DH to carpet and I even took some curtains up for her so they fit. And we moved her in about a week ago, I think she finally realises it was for her own good, she had her doubts about moving because she was in her house for over 30 years. But she no longer has to struggle with the stairs.

Now I feel a bit lost from being busy to not much too do, we still have to decorate here, still waiting for the plasterer to get back to us to do our ceiling, I think we will look round for another plasterer. Then I can get my house in some sort of order it feels like a right tip....probably because it is. LOL

I need to get some stitching done, only been stitching on a model I am stitching, nothing else * sigh*
I will have to fish some thing out of the trunk.
Oh did I tell you I will soon have a teenager in the house Reece will be 13 in April although it already feels like I have a Kevin in the house....Help!!

Heather ~ Yes I finished Red Velvet back in August 2009 See HERE


Pumpkin said...

I am so in love with the yarn that you used for this scarf! It's just beautiful and it looks SO soft :o)

CathE said...

Love the scarf, it's really colourful.

My teenager arrives in November, but like yours, she's already Kevin!

Julie said...

Super scarf, it looks really cosy.

I hope mum has lots of happy times in her new home.

Looking forward to seeing what you pull out the trunk to stitch on.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Love that scarf and the colour of the yarn!

Vicki said...

Am off to Burton hospital all being well! Trying the curry and pineapple trick tonight so you never know, might have news in the morning!

PS, don't forget to come say hi occasionally on the forum! I've missed you! x

Stitchingranny said...

Well done, those colours will suit you Rachael.

Karan said...

Love the colours - gorgeous! Glad the bungalow got sorted & all is well. Mine's 24 years old & I still sometimes think there's a Kevin in the house! LOL :0)