Thursday, 11 March 2010

Cruel and cool!!

Here is Tango with the Cone of shame on, doesn't look happy at all does he.
He had a puncture wound on his paw, which had swelled up. The vet made an incision to get rid of the gunk, and we are to bathe his paw twice a day (which is an ordeal) and a tablet twice a day that is easy just put it in his meat.
He is sulking and trying to get the collar off!!
So an inexpensive trip to the vet this time!!

Well this is how this pair went to school today, it is their School's 70th birthday, so the kids and teachers are dressing up, as some one from either the 40's,50's,60's,70's,80's,90's era.
Jack is a biker dude whilst Lucy is a Rock 'n' Roll chick ( Lucy does have a cardi to wear,if it's cold)

I undid the scarf as I had made it too wide anyway so I will try again when I get the urge!


Julie said...

Aww poor Tango, i know how much they try to get rid of collars like that! {{furry cuddles Tango, it will all be better soon x}}

Kids look great, hope they had a good day

Karan said...

Poor Tango - hope he feels much better soon. Jack & Lucy look great, bet it was a fun day. :0)

Daffycat said...

Oh, poor Tango! I hope his paw heals quickly!

The kids look fantastic! I loved dress-up days at school!

Pumpkin said...

Poor Tango! Unfortunately necessary. I hope he gets better quickly and therefore gets rid of the horrid cone that much sooner ;o)

LOL! LOVE the getups :o)

Anonymous said...

poor Tango he does look like he's feeling sorry for himself
Jack and Lucy look the part for there school birthday celebrations
very cool you two!

sorry I've not visited for a while, just catching up with my blog reading

CathE said...

Ah, poor pussy cat. Don't you feel sorry for them when they have to wear that.

Kids look great, hope they had a good day.