Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Birthday Present.

I wanted to quickly show you what I made for Barb for her birthday

Well I haven't been as busy as I thought with helping with the decorating, being the youngest of five I sometimes forget that my siblings can be a right pain in the butt!!!
 I won't go into to details but you know that saying 'Too many cooks' Yes well I have decided to leave them to it I ain't getting stressed over it all. I feel sorry for my Mum she can't get away from it!!

Lucy has been poorly today with Tummy ache and vomiting and then she came out in an itchy red rash all over, apparently she has had an allergic reaction to something, I have no idea what. She has had some medicine from the Doctors and she's feeling much better


Tanyastitches said...

What a lovely gift for Barb I bet she loves it.
I'm glad Lucy is feeling better, poor thing.

Julie said...

Awww poor Lucy, hope she is soon feeling much better.

Gorgeous pressie for Barb.

Familes .... who'd have em eh!! LOL

Hazel said...

That is a gorgeous gift for Barb! Hope Lucy gets batter soon. x

Daffycat said...

Such a lovely present for Barb!

Poor Lucy, I hope she is well again in no time!

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful Rachael!

I'm sorry to hear that Lucy is sick but I hope she feels better soon :o)

stitchinfiend said...

What a beautiful needlecase - I am sure that Barb loves it.

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift for Barb.

Karan said...

Poor Lucy - hope she feels much better soon. Hope you can figure out what caused it too, so she can avoid it in future. I'd be steering well clear of the hassle too - life's too short!
Beautiful gift for Barb. :0)