Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hardanger Santa

I have finished this Hardanger Santa I was stitching for Col's Creations, he nearly didn't get finished as I was struggling with the doves eyes, and I gave it back to Colly, but I decided to give him another go and he was finished last night.
Colly has said I can show you as she is having trouble find the heads and hands here in the UK, so he may be released next year. So if anyone knows where they can be purchased in bulk I am sure Colly would be most grateful they have to be the porcelain not plastic.
He isn't actually finished properly I just put some pins in to see what he would look like all together, I need to get some pipe cleaners so I can put his hands on,padding and cover the cone in fabric.
Isn't he fabulous. Colly also did him white on white which is stunning, oh what about white thread on red fabric the possibilities are endless, you could even get Angel/Fairy head and hands and make one for your christmas tree. keep a look out next year!

Hardanger Santa
Thanks for looking


Pumpkin said...

Oh wonderful!

We can get the angel and Santa heads and hands here but not in bulk.

Julie said...

STUNNING!! he is amazing Rachael.

Love the ornie below too.

Tango sure looks nice and comfy in your chair!

Sally said...

Wow, Rachael, he looks wonderful!

Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Hazel said...

Oh wow that is one original design!!! Wonderful. x