Sunday, 21 June 2015

Nearly the end of June

Where does the time go. I had hoped time would go slower as I got older, but no it seems you blink and it's gone. 
Here is my current project originally it was a shawl I was making with this yarn but I decided I did not like it. So I saw a fab tutorial on YouTube by Bag 'O' Day. Not sure about it now as she did say it was an XL size but I will be amazed if this fit a child. I am determined to finish this. 
I will try and get pics of my current WIP,s and post them on here.

 Oh one more thing 
Do you like my tattoo?

Have a good day xxx


Michelle said...

Lovely crochet Rachael love the colours. Wow I bet the tattoo hurt - I have a little heart I designed on the top of my thigh and that hurt! xx

Christine said...

Nice ink.
I love the colours in the crochet

Julie said...

Lovely crochet, I like the wool.
Sorry, not a fan of tattoos - but a nice design.

Mii Stitch said...

Great crochet work, love the choice of colour :)
Like Julie, I don't like tattoos but it's a nice design.
Hope it's not too painful.

Jacky said...

Love it, Rachael - first of many, or just one or two?? ;) Hope the XL size turns out bigger than you think it will!