Sunday, 16 November 2014

A lovely weekend!

Saturday was the Needlecraft Haven meet up in Nuneaton which is organised by Clare.
 We had a special guest from the USA, and some of us stitched a coaster for her to remind her of her trip to the UK, I stitched a sheep.
Yes I stitched!
I crocheted for most of the time.
 This is for a xmas wreath I am hoping to get finished for Xmas.
 I didn't realise that I had only taken the one project with me, so I nipped to Wilkos and got some different wool and started a C2C Blanket.
I bought some fabric today, as I went to the Old Dalby Crafters group, I have missed attending there every month due to work. It has been lovely catching up with everyone.
I have finished the C2C Scarf, here is my Cat Bella Modelling it.


Julie said...

It was lovely so see you on Saturday Rachael, such pretty wool you got from Wilko, its crocheting up so lovely.
Bella looks cute in the post below.
(hugs) x

Lindsay said...

It was great to see you see again Rachael and I hope Santa is behaving :)

Kate said...

It was lovely to meet you Rachael, hope to see you again at other meet ups.
Loving the cat model!