Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saturday 27th September

Yarndale, I am so glad I went, is was a truly tiring but woolly filled day.
Firstly it started when I caught the train to Leeds and then a bus to Shipley and then a train to Skipton, all was going well until I decided to follow to ladies who I thought were going to the same place....well they were going to place mentioned in Attic24's blog, Coopers Cafe.
So I thought it must be on the way, but after I walked into Skipton itself I knew for certain I was in the wrong direction, which I may add was also wrong as I stopped to ask a CPSO where Yarndale is being held, and she had sent me further into Skipton. So it wasn't all my fault, My phone could not get signal as I would of used google maps!

Anyway after the lovely lady at the Skipton Tourist information gave me a map and recommended I walk along the canal path, off I set...I needed to hurry as I had pre-booked a workshop that started at 10am, all I can say is the Yarndale path with all the crochet lampposts etc is not a short walk!!
anyway here are some pics

This is me at my Workshop when I finally got there, I was only 10 mins late and not the only one.

Here is what I was making, a basket/bag, still need to finish it off


If you look closely you may see Lucy from Attic 24, she seemed very nice but always had people waiting to speak to her, I hope she managed to get a break!


Michelle said...

Hello Rachael - oh I so wish you had spoken. Would have been lovely to have met you. It was a lovely day wasn't it. I looked for an e-mail address to e-mail you but couldn't find it on your blog. Hope you don#t mind but I would like to become a follower of your blog xx

Stitching Kath said...

I was with Michelle at Yarndale. It would have been lovely yo meet you. The basket you are making looks lovely.

Christine said...

It looks like a wonderful day, looking forward to seeing your finished workshop basket

cucki said...

its looks like a lovely day..
i love it too x

Julie said...

Catching up after my hols. Hope DS is doing well after his illness and enjoys his college course.
Yarn dale looks fun, perhaps next year for me.
(Big hug) xxx

Chris said...

Omgosh we could have passed each other and not known.. I loved every minute and even though I was tired and my legs were telling me 'sit down, sit down woman!' I found the strength to walk round again before we left.
The basket looks good, I like the idea if several strands of wool, it will make it studier.
Shall pop back to see if you have finished it.