Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New Start

Spent the first part of today at Twycross Zoo with the kids, now they are at their Dad's and so I have decided to stitch but a small design nothing too taxing.

I hate it when kits come like this and you have to and sort similar colours out!

This is my little bit of progress!


Christine said...

Lovely start Rachael.
I hate that too, specially when they expect you to know the difference between eg deep ecru and ultra-pale beige...

Julie said...

A nice kit, pretty design.
It's nice to see your stitching bug is returning Rachael.

Did you encounter the protestors at the zoo or have they moved on? Saw them in the local newspaper earlier this week.

Chris said...

I know what you mean, the colours are all so near... hopped here from NH.. Love your flower embroidery on your previous post, it is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


What a lovely new start, the colours are so pretty.
Happy stitching (: