Monday, 20 January 2014

Okay New Starts for a New year

First new start is Welcome by Alesandra Adelaide Needleworks
And the second new start is a well I am hoping to be a sort of shawl/Scarf thing but just using the basic granny Stripe from Lucy's Attic.
I am using Sirdar Kiko super chunky wool Shade 0413 and size 10.0mm hook.
I am hoping to sort out a monthly craft group at where I work but not sure if there will be much interest, Hopefully if I market it properly then it will happen.
I have been very busy since last year, I am working now and I moved house so still trying to get sorted. I think that is why my interest in my crafts has come back.
Well hopefully my posts won't be so long in between!


Julie said...

Well on you new stitching start and I love the chunky crochet, that does look nice and snuggly.

Good luck setting up a craft group, so many ladies are looking for one in their area, I hope you get lots interested.

Christine said...

Great new start, and the wool for your crochet is a gorgeous colour