Saturday, 20 April 2013


I am determined to get my friendship quilt finished, I am so sorry to everyone who sent me fabric and I haven't even touched it for months. For quite a while I have been suffering with depression and I am slowly fighting my way out. I need a project to get me motivated again, and I think that will be the one.
Apart from my SS RR I did with some ladies on the Needlecraft Haven board, I have not touched a needle for quite some time.

Although yesterday I finally made some covers for my son's Recurve bow, so he does not need the plastic bags they came in anymore.

I bought two pillowcases from a charity shop so half my work was already done, (he he) I have only used one pillowcase so I have a spare if he needs another one doing.
I was supposed to be going to my Monthly craft group today, it was cancelled last month because of the snow, and I was going except Reece reminded me about his final Archery Group lessons last night, yeah loads of notice, although my fault for not writing on the calendar!!
Sigh the joys of being a Mum!
I hope I can make the next one it seems like such a long time since I have been, the last one was where I crocheted the bag.
I hope everyone is well. I try and read blogs but I don't always comment Sorry!

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Julie said...

{big hug} Rachael

Well done on the project for your son.

Will you be at the meet up next week?