Monday, 9 July 2012

Over a month

Gee it has been that long since I posted, also I haven't been reading blogs
This is how many I have waiting, I will try and read them I just won't be able to comment on many.

I have been so busy with my two new roles at Cats Protection, I haven't stitched or crocheted, I have done a little sewing on my friendship quilt though. Maybe when things settle down I will be able to find the time.

But for now, Thank you for stopping by



Julie said...

Everyone seems tobe really busy right now Rachael, you are not alone, I am having to force myself to stitch the fruit and veg sampler!

Christine said...

Hope things settle down for you soon Rachael

Shebafudge said...

Hi Rachael, I'm afraid to look at google reader, I'm so behind. Glad to hear that your work with Cats Protection is going well.

Your diamond jubilee exchange pieces from the previous posts, both the sent and received were both gorgeous.