Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I love...

Handmade cards, well I love all cards really
but I just love these

This one came today, from Joanne
Thank you soo much!

And this one is from Julie, isn't it fabulous!

These are just a few of my birthdays cards, I do love them all honestly, but when I get a handmade one

You know anyone would think I like Cats LOL


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards and happy birthday!

Julie said...

I too love handmade cards Rachael, you received a few for your special

Veronica said...

Happy Birthday, Rachael. Wonderful collection of cards you've received there. Those two stitched kitty cat cards are just too adorable!


dulcinella said...

Lovely cards! I would not put them away some time after birthday. Just leave them there to enjoy a whole year long:-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What lovely cards, I want the book that Julie's alphabet was in. It's perfect for cat-lovers.

Sorry mine was late, as well as the attack of the frog I then discovered I'd run out of stamps and had to remortgage the house to buy one!