Tuesday, 18 October 2011

UFO Sighting

Yes you heard right A UFO Sighting, a very rare sight indeed especially on my blog lately!

Back in October 2008( I think), I started a Advent Calender that was in CrossStitcher magazine. The magazine is dated Oct 2008 and I am sure I started it soon after, but I have been through my blog and cannot find any posts relating to this I wonder if they are on a forum somewhere out there in the World wide web! Strange!! Maybe the UFO took off with the posts!
Does anyone remember me doing this?

Here it is as it was when I got it out last night to take with me to Tae Kwon Do, I always try and take something to do, and I really just fancied stitching so rather than start something new which the idea was screaming at me, I thought no I will take something I haven't stitched on for quite a while.

I had already done 18 of the 25 of them.
So I finished off the tree and started on the christmas pudding.So only another 6 to go can I finish these in time for christmas. Also the numbers that go on the back.

So there you are finally a stitching post from me, see I can stitch LOL

Thanks for visiting.

For those who missed the post the fav colour was purple!


Julie said...

Fabulous, I remember this one, think it was on the MB at tranquil stitches? Briill that it will be all done for Santa's arrival this year.

Heather said...

Keep up the good work Rachael and you will be showing off a finish in time for Advent to start.

I admire you being able to stitch at these things, I can't concentrate, I like to watch the swimming, hockey and football lol

Hazel said...

Ooooh Christmas stitching. How lovely. x

Christine said...

I remember this being in the magazine. With a bit of luck you'll have it done for Christmas

Pumpkin said...

Good to see you dig this one out again :o)