Monday, 28 February 2011

Well ain't I just naughty!!!!

I have had some stitching time, only I had  been stitching Bramble and the rose on fabric that is too small for the design!!!

But I am still going to stitch on it, but just smaller part of the design
Here is Winter Mandala

Tango wanted my attention on this bottom photo

I will have a picture of all the giveaway soon!!!


Sally said...

Oh no what a shame your fabric is too small! What you have stitched looks lovely.

Love Winter Mandala. So pretty.

Pumpkin said...

OH NO!!!! I would be ripping my hair out :o(

Winter Mandala looks fantastic! I soooo want to start stitching one of those :o)

Christine said...

How annoying!
The winter mandala is beautiful

Michelle said...

Oh what a shame - this has happened to me before now! Stitching looks wonderful though x

Julie said...

Oh no, how awful that the fabric is too small. Winter Mandala looks lovely.

Karan said...

WM is looking good. Shame about Bramble... but glad you've worked out a rescue plan. :0)