Thursday, 13 May 2010

The secret's out..

I was stitching on Hello Kitty this morning, then I decided to do some sorting and got busy taking stuff to the tip.
Anyway I fetched the kids from school, and was busy in the kitchen making Tea, when....I heard 'Awwww Hello Kitty!! Mummy!!!'
Yes I had forgot to hide it.  I said to her "well bang goes your Birthday surprise", and she replied "well I'll pretend I haven't seen it!"
Aww bless her!! LOL
So I'll just have to keep it away until her birthday as she won't see it finished until then.


Pumpkin said...

Oh no! What a sweetie though ;o)

Speaking of out for something in the post.

Daffycat said...


Julie said...


Karan said...

Gorgeous piece but Oops! Easily done though, as my DH & DS will tell you. LOL :0)

Vicki said...


You're making me want to stitch again! It's been months since I last got a project out! Daniel is still sitting on my lap a lot of the time so I'm reading instead!