Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saturday 27th September

Yarndale, I am so glad I went, is was a truly tiring but woolly filled day.
Firstly it started when I caught the train to Leeds and then a bus to Shipley and then a train to Skipton, all was going well until I decided to follow to ladies who I thought were going to the same place....well they were going to place mentioned in Attic24's blog, Coopers Cafe.
So I thought it must be on the way, but after I walked into Skipton itself I knew for certain I was in the wrong direction, which I may add was also wrong as I stopped to ask a CPSO where Yarndale is being held, and she had sent me further into Skipton. So it wasn't all my fault, My phone could not get signal as I would of used google maps!

Anyway after the lovely lady at the Skipton Tourist information gave me a map and recommended I walk along the canal path, off I set...I needed to hurry as I had pre-booked a workshop that started at 10am, all I can say is the Yarndale path with all the crochet lampposts etc is not a short walk!!
anyway here are some pics

This is me at my Workshop when I finally got there, I was only 10 mins late and not the only one.

Here is what I was making, a basket/bag, still need to finish it off


If you look closely you may see Lucy from Attic 24, she seemed very nice but always had people waiting to speak to her, I hope she managed to get a break!

Saturday, 27 September 2014


1- 6:38am currently on the train to Leeds it was an early start but I don't mind considering where I am off today.
2 - on bus to Shipley 8:06am

One more sleep!

Looky what I bought for my journey to Yarndale tomorrow, hopefully I will manage to get some hooking done on the train, I have my bag ready with the wool and hooks in.
I hope to have lots of photos for you xx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Too pink?

Here is my update on my blanket,
 I haven't had much time with my Eldest being in hospital with Meningitis for 16 days, Life has been somewhat on hold except work, which I did have a few days off but I still need to earn pennies.
(This is taking longer than I remembered)
But he is out now, just gonna try and get him enrolled in college now!

Missing my cats :0(


No recent ones of Lily as she is always out when I go round!
But looking forward to going to Yarndale next weekend.
I hope to take lots of photos to show you all.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Being poorly sucks!

Someone is fed up of being in hospital xx
Bless him, only two more days and then he is being discharged xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Granny stripe

Well I decided against doing this blanket as a ripple, I chose to change to doing a Granny stripe which is another design by Lucy @ Attic24
So here is my colours, also the first few stripes.