Thursday, 7 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Exchange Part two

Clare has received what I made so I can now share what I have been stitching with you.
This design is available from Nia Cross stitch

I hope you can see the union jack uneath the white fabric it shows up better in real life

And here is the fabric I used to back the cushion.

I will be stitching myself one of these, it was hard to let it go LOL

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Exchange

I joined an exchange with Clare for a Jubilee Exchange.
All was going well, and then I realised I had made a mistake on the design, and it would mean loads of back counting to find out where the mistake was, and I couldn't lose any time as I was late with this exchange as it was!

This is the design I WAS stitching.
It was available in CrossStitcher Issue 250
By pottery designer Emma Bridgewater.

So I decided to stitch the design I had bought for myself, and I am rather pleased with it, and I can always stitch it again for myself.

Watch this space
But I won't share my photo yet as I have done something special with it, just in case Clare reads this, that can be a surprise.

From Clare I received an apron that she glitzed up with some Made in Britain ribbon which I just love, and the patch of cross stitch on the front.

and a close up of the stitching

This is too good to put to real use. I may just hang it on the kitchen door and warn everyone not to touch it LOL.

Yes I am late in sending! so will have to wait until Clare receives my exchange piece before I can share with you!

Thank you for stopping by