Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Holidays are coming....

Yes, I am feeling quite Christmassy, I am sat here wearing my PJ's and a Santa's hat.
I only want to do Christmassy things, so I am attempting some mini snowmen.... yes well a few more attempts needed I think.

Christmas tree is up, a few bits here and there, I cannot find all my X-stitch ornaments, I know they are here somewhere but my mind is blank on where they are!

Just in case I don't post before Christmas, Have a good one xx
Rachael xx

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Currently on the hook

I have these in my basket next to my sofa, I do have circular in there but haven't got any further as of yet. It will be a foot pouffe. But it does cause the hands to hurt doing it.

I had been looking after 5 kittens for the past couple months. They went to Cats Protection today and I am a little bit sad. I will miss their snuggles and little motorboat purrs. But they will have wonderful pets. I just hope they are not waiting too long.