Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Does anyone know where all the photos disappear too? I have just looked through my blog for a photo to find they are blacked out. Have I missed something?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Polly and Molly

Over on 365 cat ladies and friends Susan Faye asked her readers to come up with two names for her painted Puddy Cats. My names Polly and Molly have been put to the vote. Oh I am excited to see how many votes they get!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bunny #1

Well I found a place on Amazon that sold the Eyes and they were super fast getting here!
Thank you every one for the links they are bookmarked for future reference!

Here are the Ears, Feet and tail

The eyes are attached

Ta dah One Bunny

I am rather pleased with myself

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bunny Help

I am crocheting some bunnies for a friend, which is only the second time I have attempted something like this. Eek!!
But anyway I wondered if someone can help me , I need some Black Approx 10mm animal safety eyes, does anyone know where I might find some? UK sites Preferable but not essential.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Valentine's win

Over on Needlecraft Haven Clare had a fun little contest on Chat up lines for Valentines and I won.
Well of course I won as I was the only one to enter. :0(

I did enter two chat up lines which were

You remind me of a compass; because I'd be lost without you (which got 7 votes and won)


I bet your last name must be Jacobs because I think you’re a real cracker (Got 6 votes)

A bit corny I know but I entered two as I thought I had more chance LOL

Any way here is what Clare sent me A JBW design called Love and a skein on Dragon floss called Love and Laughter.
Thank you so much Clare I love JBW Designs

Shrove Tuesday

or Pancake day as it is known in my house, so that is what we are having for our tea, I just need to get some syrup and lemon juice.

Yum yum!!

Shrove Tuesday

Sunday, 19 February 2012


This weekend's progress
This is my version of Lucy's Flower
I think the stem on mine is too chunky but I like it!


Here is the March Cottage finished, I have omitted some parts of the design to suit me.

And I have finished off two small blankets, by tidying the ends in, these will be used in the Cat Cabin.

I have also had another finish this design is called Sew Red from iStitch designs
I used some thread I bought from the Quilt show last year.

And Sunday was the Scout Hut Nutters Crafters group again, Which I managed to get all this done whilst here(well most of it) That is me right on the end, my Daughter is the one taking the photo otherwise she would be in it as well.

I do love attending these days!

Lorna and Jo from my last post are in the line up!!

Next month it is over two days. And I am aiming to go both days, it is 30 mins drive away from me.
Some ladies are local some travel more than me, so I can't complain.

Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wood and Stitches

Wood-n-stitches is a partnership between Jo Roworth and Lorna Simons, two crafty people who love to create, we both love to paint and create things with wood, with fabrics and thread, you will find, decorative wooden objects, quilted/patchwork items, from bags to quilts and allsorts in between, you will find things for the stitchers among you, from fabrics to threads to charts including JAYNIFFA DESIGNS, and many other well known designers

Friends of mine Lorna and Jo have a run Wood and Stitches making and selling lots of gorgeous bits and bobs. Lorna has recently made me some Bunting for Lucy's Birthday in May, you can pop over and have a look on their blog Wood and Stitches. And see what beautiful things they make and sell.
They truly are talented ladies!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WIPocalypse Feb

It's that time again for the WIPocalypse and here is my progress since the last Full Moon

Here is the little bit of progress, I have managed on NBPQ. I am getting bored with this one so for next time I will be working on a different WIP. Here is my January POST

I have stitched the two cottages, Just waiting for the March cottage to arrive.
I have changed Feb slightly, I have stitched blue birds like I have seen elsewhere on other's blogs. And I haven't stitched all the hearts I felt it was too much for me. I know that I will change the March one as I don't celebrate St Patrick's day. I might keep the colours but change the shamrocks. I will do the same for July and November as well.

I received a surprise package today from Karen, who has been de-stashing and she has sent me a selection of bits and bobs to help with fundraising for Cats Protection.

Thank you so much Karen, It is really appreciated!!((hugs))

I have been busy today, it was my eldest son's Progress day( Parent/Teacher meet), I am really pleased with his marks even though we have found out he hasn't been doing all his homework and he has been hiding the fact he has had detentions!! So he will be banned from his game for a while. *sigh*
Also been busy on the Cat front with a stray SEE HERE

thank you for stopping by xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012



Saturday, 4 February 2012

Way behind

On blog and forum reading, I am hoping to catch up soon, I have been busy with Billy, and I have been involved with Derby Disability Sports forum, trying to get that off the ground and active. As well as attending the gym and Zymba.

Here is my Amaryllis I was given for christmas I was so pleased it flowered.

Isn't it pretty!!

My threads arrived so I can finished my ornaments and cottages

Here is an update on the cottages

I am currently stitching February, and I have ordered March.
I will have to pick up Beatrix Potter Quaker soon as I really need to get that finished!

Thank you for stopping by I really appreciate it.